2024 Recruitment Survey & Salary Guide

You will probably be aware of the ever changing staffing landscape? So it is with great pleasure we are keen to introduce our 2024 Recruitment Survey & Salary Guide.

Whatever your plans are for attracting and recruiting accounting & finance staff – we are keen to help you get to your destination.

With the right planning, tools and skills at your disposal it need not be a stressful journey.

To get the low down on forecasted salaries for 2024, discover the challenges, opportunities & trends facing hiring managers and businesses; request your copy today.

Our interactive presentation covers topics such as hybrid working, benefits, business & industry forecasts, staffing, mindfulness and skill sets in demand for 2024 plus much more.

All of which could help you stay ahead of the competition when looking to secure new or retain talent this year?

To request our 2024 Recruitment Survey & Salary Guide please do not hesitate to email info@sheridanmaine.com with a request.