More than just a job specification...

Could it be that bonuses, increases in annual leave entitlement and competitive pension schemes are still enabling companies to secure the ideal candidate?

In short job seekers want more than just a job specification, they want the whole package. They want to work for an employer of choice. With competition for the best talent increasing for hiring managers, perhaps now is the time to look beyond the traditional benefits and explore other options? Flexible working hours, options to work remotely and even supporting a hobby career are becoming increasingly more popular albeit new for some.


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Interestingly when one accounts for uncertainty on the political landscape being a key consideration when discussing why not to change jobs in 2019, over 44% of those taking part in our survey agreed they would be open to a new career opportunity in 2020!

Yet with a skills shortage being highlighted as a key factor (over 30%) or concern when hiring, the competition for the best candidates will be very strong across accountancy and finance. So will job seekers be in the driving seat?

In recent years we have seen that job seekers not only put a business or organisations brand under scrutiny but also the people (employers) behind the company logo! As many jobseekers delve through social media (including LinkedIn) and media in general about a companies employees; topics such as being a employer of choice, mindfulness & wellbeing support programmes and environmental policies are becoming more prevalent in order of importance to jobseekers when choosing to apply for a vacancy. They now form part of the package.

In our 2020 survey over 55% suggested their company was a 'great place to work' whilst 27% agreed their place to work was 'Okay'. 10% commented that their work place was 'amazing'. What could be the reasons behind these results?

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Hence representing your company, brand or hiring manager outside of the job specification is something we take very seriously. By meeting our clients face to face we get to know more than just the details of the job, we get to know the people, the culture and the companies values - this enables us to put into place a recruitment plan to help you secure the candidate of choice and represent you effectively. It also ensures a higher candidate commitment from passive job seekers...they are more likely to want to apply for your job opportunity.

If you are looking to hire someone for your accounting and finance team, feel free to reach out. Our offices in London, Reading, Bristol, Southampton and Bournemouth would be delighted to represent you, your brand values and your company.

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