Why use and who to choose as your Executive Search Partner

Why use and who to choose as your Executive Search partner.

An executive search firm acts as an extension of your business, helping you to secure highly skilled senior management talent who can help your company to grow and evolve.  Using an external consultancy allows your organisation to be challenged and the obvious question to be asked.

Its well known that a good hire can catapult a business forward, creating improved performance against immediate or annual targets and setting more effective strategies for long term sustainability and growth. A bad hire can magnify inefficiencies, cause internal conflict, and limit the potential growth of a business.  Choosing a Search partner is a strategic decision for any business.


“One of the most important factors for any business to succeed is the people that lead and drive the organisation.”


What to consider when selecting an Executive Search partner:

Can they represent our business?

A search firm should operate as an ambassador for your organisation, if you’re not a B2C brand they may well be introducing your brand to this individual for the first time.  You need to be sure the firm and the consultant are aligned with your brand.

Do they have the network and knowledge to find us the best person?

Networks are built over time and require a personal investment and commitment from a consultant

How and what technology do they invest in?

The world is far more connect than it has ever been, but this doesn’t mean its easier to find talent. Coupling a network and knowledge with technology makes for a powerful combination.

What’s their track record and reputation like.

Client testimonials, case studies and references offer a real insight into a search firm’s capabilities

What value or other services do they bring?

A successful hire is the result of a journey.  During this journey what value can they bring.  Are they able to provide testing, PPA’s, bench marking, management due diligence on existing board / leadership members?

Do they support our organisation’s ED&I strategy?

The benefits of a diverse leadership team are well documented.  As businesses strive towards balance and equality does your search partner align itself with your values.  The days of the responsibility for diversity and inclusion lying solely at the feet of the employer are long gone.  Balanced shortlists supported with in-depth ED&I data should be the minimum expectation.

Are they flexible for our needs?

Can they offer a tailor-made process for your needs and timescales?  Recognising each search, role and business is unique.  Are they experienced enough to offer a truly flexible approach?

Do they have the back-office support function and capability to deliver?

Delivering a search process requires support and various skill sets – does your search partner have this in house.  Ask the questions – do they have onsite admin – research functions – data analyst – CRM systems – social media executives etc?

If you’re considering an Executive Search partner and you want to work with a highly invested, flexible, capable business where the consultants have a track record of delivery, are experts in the field and true diversity and brand champions - Sheridan Maine Executive could be your ideal partner.


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