We welcome the recommendation of friends and colleagues and do not let this support go unappreciated. If you refer other successful accountants and finance professionals like yourself to our consultancy and we place them into a position*, we will let you know so you can choose a gift from the list below!

Interested? Then simply complete the details below supplying yours and your friend/colleague’s details.

  Gift for temp/contract
Gift for permanent
  Under £250 per day Over £250 per day Under £50k per annum Over £50k per annum
Amazon £100 Voucher £250 Voucher £250 Voucher £500 Voucher
Apple £100 Voucher £250 Voucher £250 Voucher £500 Voucher
Cineworld £100 Voucher £250 Voucher £250 Voucher £500 Voucher
John Lewis £100 Voucher £250 Voucher £250 Voucher £500 Voucher
Red Letter Days £100 Voucher £250 Voucher £250 Voucher £500 Voucher
* Payment of the placement reward is subject to the candidate being placed into the role within 6 months of the referral date and that the candidate remains in that position for a minimum of 15 consecutive weeks.

Please note: For your referral to be valid, it must be logged via the online form below either before or up to one week after referring a candidate directly to one of our consultants.


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