There's no "i" in team, but there is a tee... 11.11.2016

Jamie Rodden (MD), announced to the Sheridan Maine Midlands team at the start of November that they would all be out of the office on Friday 11 November. Rumour ensued and many of the team members tried to guess where they would be going.  To add fuel to the rumour-mill, clues were given each day.  The clues were:  54; 11.4 miles; 4 times. More than any other venue in the world; A Bell Tower and finally that Bats are found there.  All became clear when the team discovered they were going to the Belfry Golf Resort (along with Sheridan of course!).

On arrival, the team met Jo Cameron (Owner of RedMane) and her partner and PGA professional Julian Mellor and enjoyed some quick refreshments before they headed out to the driving range for some warm-up exercise and tee-off shots. Following some great strikes, (as well as some that should never be spoken of again) and several baskets of golf balls later, the team then headed to the putting green where in teams they attempted to make their way around the maze of holes taking the fewest shots as possible.


The last 2 challenges really got exciting as Jamie turned on the pressure, put his hand in his pocket and cash prizes were available for the team to win. The nearest the pin challenge was won by Garry Byfield with a great shot.  The final 5 ball-putting challenge was pressured - a nominated person from each team needed to putt all 5 for all of their team members to win a prize.  Wayne Morris and Jamie Rodden tried and failed with their attempts.  Congratulations must go to Dominic Fortey who, despite intervention (and maybe distraction!) from Jamie, managed to putt all 5 golf balls and won him and his putting team member some cash, as well as a lot of pride!  A video of his crowning moment can be found here.

The day provided the team with not only an opportunity to have a bit of team time together away from the office but they were also guided through how to apply what the learnt on the golf course to their work life and indeed everyday activities too.  The team really enjoyed the afternoon, as did the RedMane group.

Dom Wins Over Jamie