CIMA Event: SME's the Engine Room of the UK Economy

In partnership with CIMA on the 17th November - Sheridan Maine London were delighted to be sponsoring an event aimed at CIMA members and business leaders. 

Small and medium sized businesses account for 60% of the UK private sector employment and, with a combined annual turnover of £1.6 trillion, account for 47% of turnover in the private sector.

Sheridan Maine London also gave a speech on "How to attract and retain talent' with topics being included such as 'What makes your company an employer of choice? Why staff leave jobs and what to look for when working with a recruitment partner.'

If you would like further information on this presentation and to know how it could be benefit your business please do not hesitate to contact our London office on 0203 056 7786

 CIMA Event 17Th November 2