Sheridan Maine v Network Executive 5-A-Side Frenzy

An exhilarating yet debilitating evening was spent at Fleming Park last night as Sheridan Maine and Network Executive battled it out on the “cage-fighting style” astroturf pitch.

Net Exec V Sheridan Maine

Despite a chilly start, the game kicked off to a strong start, although Sheridan Maine were a bit sceptical of the secret weapon  that Network Executive unleashed in the form as an unknown player with no current or prior experience of working in either company…who is this man? (pictured below)

Who Is This Man

As the match played on, some outstanding goalkeeping was demonstrated by goalie-veteran Joshua Macdonnell of Sheridan Maine who boasts a long goalkeeper career that began at just 5 years old, and Phil Rushton of Sheridan Maine and George Short of Network Executive put on a great show!

Some concerning derriere-slapping activity was witnessed as Managing Director David Heron attempted to shield the ball from Network Executive’s James Stockton-Chalk; James found this method surprisingly effective for regaining possession. However this only resulted in David resorting to some aggressive rubgy style shirt grabbing tactics.

Ben V George

Sheridan Maine fought hard to beat the Network Executive team who were at an advantage with their two semi-pro players (George Short and John Doe). Unfortunately in the end they succumbed to defeat but were immediately planning the imminent rematch. You can watch a clip of the match here:

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