Sheridan Maine & The Big Apple - February 2015


Congratulations to Maria in the Sheridan Maine London office who recently won a sales competition to New York.

Maria supplies interim and temporary candidates to a wide variety of commercial clients and was a worthy winner – albeit a cold one with the recent snow storms!

…and of course she did not travel alone. Maria was able to take a guest!!   

Maria has gone on to say “Just arrived back from a once in a lifetime trip to New York city compliments of Sheridan Maine! To say I had a ball is an understatement - from Ground Zero to the Statue of Liberty to the Empire State building I saw it all – and even managed to fit in a Cosmo or 3!! Highlight of my trip was definitely Knicks v Lakers in Madison Square Garden – thanks Sheridan Maine couldn’t be happier!"   

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New York 3 


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