ALL ABOARD! #ProvidingFutures at the Sheridan Maine Midlands Summer Conference 07.07.2017

It’s a Friday, it's sunny and Jamie Rodden (our MD) is somehow wearing a sailor hat!  Not your ordinary half year team review and summer conference but hey, we don’t want to be ordinary! 

On Friday 07 July 2017, the Sheridan Maine (Midlands) team took to the Grand Union canal for their 6 month review. After a safety briefing and swift driving lesson from Copt Heath Wharf, we were left to our own devices, in charge of “Sprite”…what could go wrong?!

We started with a much needed bit of breakfast (of tea, coffee and bacon sandwiches) and then it was time to sort the men out from the boys and see who would be the king or queen of the locks.  It is fair to say that the girls were the mighty force getting each paddle and lock gate open and closed allowing Jamie and Wayne (our steady handed sailors at the tiller) to weave the barge elegantly through the 5 locks and pounds at Knowle.


Once through and all back on board, we then made our way to our meeting and lunch destination at the Kings Arms, Knowle.  Thankfully, the weather was on our side and we were able to have the most part of our meeting in the garden.  The theme of this review was #ProvidingFutures which is what, as a business, we are all about.  We have big plans to provide futures for our clients, candidates and consultants and it is fair to say that given our ambitions, the years ahead will be exciting for all involved.

IMG 2402

After our forthcoming year plans and targets had been discussed, it was time for lunch which was enjoyed by all.  There was a little surprise that was awaiting the team as they made their way out to the garden (and discovered that their knot-tying skills were probably not as sharp as they needed to be as our beloved “Sprite” was starting to drift to the middle of the canal – luckily, we made it just in time to pull the barge back in and tie the knots more convincingly to the mooring rings this time!)…the team challenge!

Garry, Samuel, Sheena and Wayne were teamed up against Dominic, Lee, Louisa and Pardeep in the kart building challenge.  Each team was given some balsa wood, dowels, wooden wheels and a bag containing a myriad of creative “stuff” including duck tape, straws, glittery paper, elastic bands and rubber gloves.  The challenge was for each team to build a self-propelled kart in 60 minutes but also, points would be awarded for their creativity! Once the teams had their plans set out for what they were going to build and how, the minutes soon ticked away before they were finishing their creations!  Neither teams designed anything that would see them being scouted to join an F1 team anytime soon but they had good fun all the same.

IMG 2470IMG 2472






Despite being away from the office, recruitment never stops and a couple of the team took time out of the agenda to make some calls to clients and candidates to finalise roles, giving us even more to celebrate.

Meeting had, lunch eaten and karts (kind of) built, it was time to return to the barge and head back to the Wharf.  Some of the team were excited to see the locks in action again, others not so much (I think the pace of barge life and the heaviness of the locks was all too much for some of the team so late in the day).  Having meandered back up-stream, we had just under an hour to make the most of the peace and quiet of the tranquil countryside and surroundings and reflect as a team on a great day and focus on what we are looking to achieve as a team.

IMG 2543

A fantastic day was had by all and we are all looking forward to #ProvidingFutures together.  If you would like to be part of our team and work on #ProvidingFutures , then please get in touch with us 0121 423 8018 or email