The Maine Event - The Great British Pub Quiz - March 2016

The infamous Sheridan Mainiacs Pub Quiz has now become a firm favourite in our clients' calendars in the capital!

Could it be the bragging rights of being London’s mightiest minds, the chance to win your very own ‘Sheridan’ , the legendary music round (who said bean counters cannot dance?) or the Jägermeister? 

Clients in London were treated to a sumptuous feast while the teasers, tantalisers and tests ran amok during the different rounds. A big well done to the lottery card winners for guessing the correct answer to how many perm placements SM London made last year. 

A very (hic) good night was had by all and congratulations to our winners …and losers – we look forward to the next one in Autumn. Next up…The Sheridan Maine London Race day! Phew!!

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Pub Quiz March WinnersPub Quiz March Losers 2 (1)