Meet the Midlands team - Claire Roberts

Corporate CLR

18 months ago when Jamie started this journey, he knew he needed to get someone good to do everything he couldn't!  After thinking about previous employees and contacts one name stood out Claire Roberts.  Having no idea if Claire would be interested, Jamie sent a head hunt email - " Claire, I am recruiting for a role - do you know anyone?"  Luckily she responded and after a 5 hour interview, showing Claire an empty, cold office and lots of begging she agreed to join! 

Claire is the glue that keeps the Midlands office together and she has done an amazing job within Jamie's business so far!  Internally she implemented all our process, compliance procedures and organises our diaries, externally Claire is responsible for all our marketing, social media and events.

Claire is a massive Blue nose, a newly qualified Clubbercise instructor (look out for her classes coming soon) and she has a strange obsession with our fish Sheridan!

Claire Roberts

0121 423 8018

 JAH 3230