ACCA 2017 Checklist for Success

A recent report published by ACCA (the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants) has detailed the three key areas that should be prioritised across all accountancy professions in order to generate success in 2017.


1.       Secure the skills of accountants
Uncertain times across the UK economy ultimately means that finance professionals and the trusted advice they can provide is more valuable than ever. Our 2017 Salary Survey (which you can view here) mirrors this and details just some of the benefits organisations are offering to their finance teams in order to retain their top talent. From a business and professional perspective, investing in your own or your employee’s accountancy skills should be a priority for the year ahead.

2.       Promote transferable skills
On the subject of skills, organisations are already on the lookout for those key transferable skills that will support their businesses in the potentially unusual circumstances that organisations will be facing in 2017 given recent economic and political shifts. Finance professionals are increasingly required to contribute in shaping business strategy and enabling change using project management, leadership and strong communication capabilities. It is advised that transferable skills in particular are developed throughout 2017.

3.       Address rapidly changing business needs
In addition to building specific skill sets, accountants and finance professionals should also concentrate on being flexible to change this year. It’s no secret that change is going to be afoot in 2017, and being willing to accept this and proactive in your approach to tackling disruption will be invaluable. As quoted by ACCA, John Williams, head of ACCA, concludes “With big changes comes opportunity. Continuing to develop skills and hone core capabilities should be central to plans for both practising and aspiring professional accountants.”

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