SMEs: The Engine Room of the UK Economy

In partnership with CIMA this 17th November - Sheridan Maine London are delighted to be sponsoring an event aimed at CIMA members and business leaders.  

Small and medium sized businesses account for 60% of the UK private sector employment and, with a combined annual turnover of £1.6 trillion, account for 47% of turnover in the private sector.  

The event will give a great insight into how SME's can grow. This will include:  

  • Alternative routes to finance for SME's 
  • How to market your business
  • What social media can do for you and using technology as an enabler
  • How to attract and retain talent with Sheridan Maine  

In 2016 many businesses are going to have to re-think there recruitment process or methodology to attract high demand and hard to find candidates. Sheridan Maine will provide some informative if not provactive tips on how to do so.

Make sure you sign up to attend: