Sheridan Maine 2016 Salary Surveys Released – South Coast, Thames Valley, South West & Public Practice - February 2016

Click here to view Sheridan Maine South Coast, Thames Valley and South West’s 2016 Salary Survey, and click here to view our Public Practice edition.
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We observed a number of key changes within the market during 2015 that we explore fully in our salary survey reports. Notable points discussed include:

• Global market issues affected confidence in the early part of 2015

• Whilst we have seen an increase in job flow and a shortage of available talent we have not seen salaries increase significantly with companies keeping a tight control over costs

• Technical and specialist skills are in high demand with organisations being extremely demanding in their candidate expectations across the Interim and Senior Finance recruitment market

For an in-depth look into the accountancy and finance recruitment market, including the changes we have encountered over the past year and approximate salary bandings by position, take a look at our 2016 salary surveys. Should you have any questions or wish to discuss anything in more detail, please contact your local Sheridan Maine office.