67% of senior finance professionals and HR executives surveyed to vote against Brexit - April 2016

67% of the senior finance professionals and HR executives we surveyed in a recent poll said they would vote to keep the UK within the EU in the approaching EU Referendum.

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Our research leads us to believe that this is due to the fear of the negative impact that an EU exit could have on the UK economy.

A similar study carried out by Andrew Hardy, Managing Director of CIMA, proffered a similar result, which he deems to be because the EU Referendum is a “simple question of business success” as “we import more from the EU than non-EU countries - £19.1bn vs £16.1bn in July, for instance. In fact, 10% of our exports each year go to Germany alone” and an EU exit could have a very detrimental effect in this regard.

On the other hand, SMEs make up 99% of our economy and according to research from the Federation of Small Businesses, 41% of these SMEs want to leave the EU to avoid the overbearing red tape and bureaucracy with a large number still undecided. Coupled with the high cost of remaining in the EU (£18bn a year), this could have a significant impact on the upcoming referendum should the accountancy community consider the impacts upon their clients.

With Thursday 23rd June fast approaching, it is apparent that there are strong opinions from business leaders from both sides of the fence on the potential impact of Brexit on the UK’s economy.  With these debates continuing it will be interesting to see if the UK population focuses their decision making on the economy or on matters relating to immigration and sovereignty.

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