Q: What salary levels do you recruit?

A: We support salaries across all levels within the finance and accountancy market from trainee accountant through to Group CFO.

Q: What geographic regions do you cover?

A: We cover London, South and South West, Midlands and North with offices in London, Birmingham, Bristol, Reading, Basingstoke, Portsmouth, Southampton and Bournemouth.  For senior finance roles we support clients internationally.

Q: Do you cover Permanent, Contract, Temporary and Interim roles?

A: Yes we cover all job types.

Q: Do you only cover financial and accounting roles?

A: As part of the Pertemps Network Group we are able to recommend a specialist supplier that can source suitable candidates for all of your positions.

Q: Do you charge candidates for your service?

A: We do not charge our candidates and our fees are generated from our clients.

Q: How will you assist me if I get an interview?

A: We will provide assistance throughout the interview process from providing   comprehensive information on the company and contacts you will be meeting through to interview preparation and offer management.           

Q: Will you help me negotiate the best deal with a prospective employer?           

A: We will manage the negotiations to ensure we secure the right package for you.   

Q: Do you use psychometric assessments?           

A: We tend to only use psychometric assessments when specifically asked to by our clients.           

Q: Will you test me for my accounting and IT skills?

A: We normally request that an online test be completed to assess your level of expertise using software like Excel.  We may also request this for some basic accounting assessments.  The results are confidential and we will not use them without your approval. 

Q: How long will it take to find a new position?

A: It is extremely difficult to answer this question, however, if we have a suitable opportunity we can turn around an offer very quickly. Sometimes it is all about timing so it is better to be registered with us than not.

Q: What types of businesses do you recruit for?           

A: We recruit for a wide selection of clients from small enterprises to major blue chip corporations across all sectors.          

Q: Can you provide career and professional qualification advice?          

A: Yes, we regularly provide personal career and professional qualification advice to our candidates to support them in their decision making.  We also have generic information in our Hints & Tips section.           

Q: Can you provide CV and Interview advice?           

A: Yes, we regularly provide CV and interview advice to our candidates to support them in presenting themselves effectively to prospective employers.  We also have generic information in our Hints & Tips section.           

Q: Can you provide salary bench marking?           

A: Our salary survey, which can be found on our homepage, provides a comprehensive look at the salary range for accounting and finance roles across all levels in the London, South and South West regions. We also provide personal salary benchmarking information to candidates to be sure that they are aware of their market value.

Q: What are the Agency Worker Regulations (AWR)?           

A: The regulations set out the rights of a temporary worker to ensure that they receive similar rights and salary to a comparable permanent employee.  Comprehensive information may be found by clicking HERE           

Q: Will you re-format my CV

A: Yes, we will re-format your CV to ensure it is presented to our clients in a consistent and easy to read layout. However, we will not change what you have written unless we feel it is appropriate, in which case we will notify you and can send a copy for your records.

Q: Can I register but only passively look for a new role?

A: Yes – we work with a number of candidates that are extremely selective about the role they are looking for however recognise that if they do not register they could miss their chance to apply for the perfect role.